Vintage Wedding: The charm of rètro style

vintage wedding in puglia

Planning a *vintage wedding* is an interesting and original idea, because it is an uncommon theme. Now we are going to see how to *plan a vintage wedding*.


The word “vintage” comes from the ancient french “vendange”. This word can be used to give a certain value to something at least 20 years old. Some people make the mistake to use “vintage” to indicate something old or damaged, it actually refers to something that had importance in the past. Now, it is important to choose the right era to plan a perfect *vintage wedding*.

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*Wedding invitations* are very important to introduce the wedding theme to the guests. *How can you design a perfect wedding invitation?* First of all, it is essential to choose the proper materials. Each era of the past has specific materials and characteristics, such as colours. A proper wedding invitation will prepare your guests to the theme of your wedding.


Place cards are very important, in fact, they involve the guests in the wedding theme. Place cards can be also beautiful gifts for your guests, so make them suitable for the context. The centrepiece will *represent the vintage style*, because all your guests will see it.

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Each of the past eras has iconic and unique music genres. Create a playlist with all your favourite songs from that era, in this way your guests will be fully involved in the wedding.


A *successful vintage wedding* is based on its *location*. In Puglia, there are many beautiful locations: *Tenuta Tresca*, *Villa Zaira*, *Masseria La Macina*, Villa Cenci. Let’s have a closer look.

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This location is one of the best for your *vintage wedding in Puglia*, because it is surrounded by nature. Its *enchanted wood* is the perfect place for people who love nature and elegance.


*Villa Zaira* is a big farmhouse (17 acres) built in the 1700’s. It is a place full of colours and flowers, which make the farmhouse look exotic. If you are looking for a monumental location with an important past, this place is meant for you.

organizzare matrimonio vintage masseria puglia


*Masseria La Macina* is a sophisticated farmhouse where you can live its centenary story. This place was built in the 1600’s and its *secular olive trees* can be the perfect background for your wedding. There is also a huge garden (3000sqm), which is big enough for a big quantity of guests.


In Puglia, if you want to celebrate a *traditional vintage wedding*, you should choose *Villa Cenci*. This farmhouse is famous for its wonderful *Trulli*, which are surrounded by the thick *nature of Valle d’Itria*.

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In this article, we have seen all the things you should do to arrange a vintage wedding. It is essential to know the importance to rely on professional figures, because they can solve every kind of problems.

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