A wedding Photographer talks about this pandemic:"The world around us has stopped, but not our passion!"

wedding photographer covid

Everyone knows the pandemic is affecting our jobs. There are people who decided to give up and people who took this situation as a chance to work on the Web.

And then, us photographers, although Covid ruined our job obligations, we are waiting for things to get better. Due to this situation, our monthly income is zero.

wedding photographer experienced covid


People who decided to celebrate their events, following all the rules, had by their side a team of professional figures. With their help, they had what they wanted. It’s time to keep calm and carry on, because we know it’s a temporary period..

pandemic marriage

There is something I want to tell you, a message for all the couples who delayed their wedding: we are here, with courage and strength, every day we work to give you an original and innovative service. There is also a message for all my colleagues: we must endure and stay positive, because I truly believe our efforts will make this terrible period end.

covid marriage restrictions

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