All the news about weddings for 2021

wedding news 2021

This year, there is a big surprise for all the weddings that people had to delay. It’s all about the most important things for weddings, such as the honeymoon. Let’s see all the trends of this year.


All the news about wedding planning

2021 is going to be an exciting year for weddings:

weddings on weekdays

outdoor weddings, a choice that gives the couple the chance to enjoy a breathtaking view, therefore the photographer will take unique photos thanks to the suggestive light of a sunset;

•the application of a gazebo is perfect for outdoor weddings because of the summer heat

beautiful flower arrangements according to the season of your wedding

The wedding banquet

The wedding banquet is going to have a restyling too, with the purpose to handle the crowd of guests. Food will be served directly to the guests. The wedding cake is going to be simple, but tasty: its recipe includes sugar paste and butter cream.


Wedding entertainment 2021

Jazz and chill out music are going to be very popular for a wedding in 2021, with the aim to make the guests relax. Dancers, juggling shows and photo contests will amaze your guests!


Wedding bag as a present

A wedding bag contains fans, tissues, bottles of water, hand sanitizer and personalised masks.

How to dress for a wedding

This year’s look for weddings is going to be more casual, but always elegant. The wedding dress has to be comfortable and simple. 90s style is still fashionable​.

All the news about photoshoots

The photographer will take amazing pictures with a breathtaking view, such as a suggestive landscape or an important monument.

photographer weddings lecce

Little honeymoons

Nowadays, little honeymoons are very popular. They are trips where you can discover the most beautiful places of your city.

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