Puglia, your ideal wedding destination

Getting married in Puglia

Wedding Destination Puglia: one of the most beautiful place in the world

A lot of people choose to celebrate their weddings in different places from where they live. There are also people who come from all over the world to celebrate their wedding in Italy. This is a business for italians, because there are plenty of structures for these kind of weddings, such as hotels, wedding planners, photographers and florists.

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What are the main wedding destinations?

In the last years, Italy has become the tourists’ favourite wedding destination, because of the several terrorist attacks in other countries. The most popular destination is Tuscany, followed by Amalfi Coast and then Veneto. There are also Lazio, Puglia and Lake of Como. Puglia is the place with the highest popularity rate.

Wedding in Puglia

Reasons why you ahould choose Puglia as wedding destination

Puglia can offer you high quality and professional services, with its beautiful places. It can attract people from America, making Puglia one of the best wedding destinations. Furthermore, there are other reasons why Puglia is famous among young couples: having the possibility to taste quality wines at Vinitaly, taking amazing pictures with Trulli as background, they are part of the Unesco heritage. Puglia won the “Best value travel destination in the world” prize. Puglia became a cultural place, where you must celebrate your wedding.

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Apulia wedding planners

Organising a wedding in Puglia for a foreigner could be difficult. For this reason, there is the professional figure of wedding planner. The organiser will be able to arrange your wedding, according to your needs. If you live in another country and you want to celebrate your wedding in Puglia, you will just need to join an online briefing for the organisation. So, if are deciding to celebrate your wedding in Puglia as wedding destination, I would like to help you arrange your wedding in one of the most beautiful places.

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