What's the difference between a traditional photographer and a rebel photographer?

difference traditional and rebellious photographer

Have you ever heard of traditional photographer and rebel photographer? Do you want to know the differences? I honestly reckon I’m the right person to talk about that. I have been watching other colleagues working and I have been observing my improvements for years. For these reasons I can tell you my idea of traditional photographer and rebel photographer.


The traditional photographer is an expert who follows traditional work techniques. He is flawless and reliable. He knows his job and uses what he learned very well. This description can make you also understand how a photographer does a photoshoot. For example, if he works with weddings, he will take “classic” photos: at home, during the ceremony, etc. Basically, nothing strange. A traditional photographer can assure unique photos and romantic poses during the best moments of the day.


A rebel photographer is a “different traditional” photographer. He turns the basic photographic techniques into something unique, according to the couple’s personality, the location and the eventual theme of the wedding. This type of artist helps the couple to show emotions through natural poses and expressions.

He can do it creating unique atmospheres or he captures the protagonists in their best moments, without even a pose. This expert commits himself to let the couple live the joy of the wedding everytime they will look at their photos.

A rebel photographer does whatever it takes to show the personality and the emotions of the couple.

fotografo matrimoni in puglia


I identify myself as a rebel photographer. I love classic photoshoot, but I like them because they’re unique. I like capturing true moments. Those are authentic memories, that must be unforgettable photos. The couple must not be disturbed for photos and videos. As a photographer, I let them live their special day and I capture the best moments.

Ostuni is where I live and work as photographer for weddings. It’s a wonderful place, its territory is a perfect background for each photo. If you want to marry here and crave for an album of unforgettable memories, contact me. I know every place of Ostuni and I can take you where a photography can be more beautiful.

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